Hosted by Kris Bather and Mladen Luketin from Western Australia, ES is a weekly podcast filled with news, reviews and pop culture shenanigans. Kris (loyal superhero fan) and Mladen (manga, anime and indie defender) chat about their varying, and occasional overlapping, interests in the wonderful world of sequential art.

We’re Still Here

blanketsYou know the phrase, “unforeseeable circumstances”? Yeah, we had one – a bad one. However, Dave and I still believe in what we’re doing and are coming to understand that trying to attempt a unique magazine that appeals to both fanboys and comic book civilians is a noble endeavour. I have seen with much joy this week several of my colleagues (all females) who have literally fallen in love with Craig Thompson’s enchanting Blankets. It’s a wondrous thing to see your friends come to appreciate something you do so dearly. BTW, Thompson’s blog is great looking, and even has a photo of him manically chopping wood with his shirt off. Who’da thunk? I’ve been steamrolling ahead with more Broken Frontier work, which I’m happy about and have learnt, once more, that we can not control what happens to us in life, only how we respond to it. Next month, Extra Sequential will get back on track. It’s not a stop, just  a delay.


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