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Big Books

Only War OmnibusDuring the holidays, in between bouts of napping in your hammock and playing Scrabble, you might want to delve into  a hefty book (with pictures) If so, then have I got some tomes for you. Both BOOM! and Top Cow have just released two hefty full colour volumes each, and both are perfect for new readers. Anything this size is known as an Omnibus in comic terms, or Omniboo in the plural, which is just such a fun word.

BOOM! has done very well with Warhammer, the venerable gaming franchise, creating some impressive mini-series in both the gritty sci-fi of 40K and the fantasy realm. The Warhammer 40,000: Only War Omnibus collects three different mini-series with those blood thirsty Space Marines and their never ending war. The Black Templars, Orks and Imperial Guard all are the focus of these brutal tales, with creators including regular Warhammer novelist Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington, Graham McNeill, Lui Antonio, Greg Boychuck and Tony Parker. Containing Damnation Crusade, Blood and Thunder and Fire and Honour, this 400 page book is an action-packed treasure.

Blood of the Empire OmnibusIf you prefer Lord of the Rings to Aliens, then the Warhammer: Blood of the Empire has got you covered. It’s Chaos vs the Empire in these three mini-series full of swords and sorcery. Collecting Forge of War, Condemned by Fire and Crown of Destruction, the 400 page Omnibus features work by Abnett and Edgington, as well as Kieron Gillen, Rahsan Ekedal and Dwayne Harris. Both volumes are a great find for gamers looking to cross-over into comics and are pretty cheap at only $US 24.99 each.

Not to be outdone, Top Cow are releasing their own Omniboo, or Omnimoo. Get it?

Anyway, the Witchblade Compendium Volume 1 collects the first 50 issues (!) of the series starring cop Sara Pezzini as the wielder of a mystical gauntlet. It also includes a complete cover gallery, and with work by Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner and a host of others, it’s a thing of beauty. The Darkness Compendium Volume 1 is also available and contains The Darkness Vol. 1 preview, issues #1/2 to #40 of the first series, Tales of the Darkness issues #1/2 to #4, Witchblade/The Darkness #1/2, The Darkness Vol. 2 #1 and the Darkness: Wanted Dead one-shot, along with a complete cover gallery. Whew. Both Top Cow books weight in at an impressive 1, 280 pages, and cost less than $US60. That oughta keep you busy for a while. Just make sure you have a good back before you pick them up.

Witchblade Compendium Volume 1The Darkness Compendium Volume 1


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