Hosted by Kris Bather and Mladen Luketin from Western Australia, ES is a weekly podcast filled with news, reviews and pop culture shenanigans. Kris (loyal superhero fan) and Mladen (manga, anime and indie defender) chat about their varying, and occasional overlapping, interests in the wonderful world of sequential art.

The Gallery: Chun-Li #1

Chun-Li #1 CoverA tie-in to our first issue, Udon are releasing their new series, Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li. We have an interview with the writer of the four issue mini-series, Ken Siu-Chong and below you can view some preview pages for the January launching series, with art by Omar Dogan. Direct from Udon’s mouth is all the info you need for this action-packed series: 

The series focuses on a younger Chun-Li and one of her earliest assignments for the Hong Kong police. Along for the ride will be her partner Po-lin, a young woman who has a very personal score to settle with the terrorist Shadaloo organization. Expect this pair of lovely ladies to get into car chases, shoot outs, and plenty of fisticuffs as they fight their way to the truth about Shadaloo’s latest scheme.

But the cast isn’t made up exclusively of sexy female law officers! Fans will also get their first real looks at the lives of rarely-explored characters like Dorai, (Chun-Li’s father and fellow police officer) and Go Hibiki (the surprisingly competent father of everyone’s favourite walking joke, Dan). And, as always when dealing with Shadaloo, some well known boss characters will likely turn up to cause trouble!

Chun-Li #1 P1

Chun-Li #1 P2

Chun-Li #1 P3

Chun-Li #1 P4


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