Hosted by Kris Bather and Mladen Luketin from Western Australia, ES is a weekly podcast filled with news, reviews and pop culture shenanigans. Kris (loyal superhero fan) and Mladen (manga, anime and indie defender) chat about their varying, and occasional overlapping, interests in the wonderful world of sequential art.

Fantastic Force Script Preview

Fantastic Force #1 Cover SketchAs revealed on the latest post at MySpace/comicbooks from Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada is this little gem – the first script for the Fantatstic Four spin-off, Fantastic Force #1, which features the Fantastic Four of the future. It’s written by comics newbie Joe Ahearne who comes from working on Doctor Who at the BBC. You can read the full script at the link below. I’d recommend this for wannabe comic scribes, as you’ll get a feel for the proper formatting, as well as an idea of the kind of time it takes from script to publication (see date below.) If you want more of Quesada’s entertaining tales and peeks at Marvel’s future, go here.

Fantastic Force Issue 1 

“Shock of the Nu”

Script By Joe Ahearne

Revised 7th January 2008

Page One

1/ A devastated future Earth. Multiple rays of ultraviolet light with figures inside streak out into the sky and out of the panel.
CAPTION : They traveled 500 years from the future to escape a dying Earth.
2/ The rays land on the other side of the split panel in one of the recreated cities of Nu-World – contemporary Manhattan.
CAPTION : This is Nu-World. A facsimile of present Earth.
Designed for today’s elite.
3/ The ultraviolet light fades to reveal a crowd of people looking around at Times Square, awed at their new surroundings.
CAPTION : Now home to eight billion refugees.
And the last six heroes in history.

Page Two

1/ Six superheroes float over the duplicate Manhattan, held there by Psionics.
CAPTION : 500 years from now they were The New Defenders.
Each floating figure has a separate name caption.
CAPTION : The Hooded Man.
CAPTION : Banner Jr.
CAPTION : Lightwave.
CAPTION : Psionics.
CAPTION : Natalie X.
CAPTION : Alex Ultron.
2/ Close on Banner Jr. Tears in his eyes.
BANNER JR: : Oh Sue. I wish you could see this.
Page Three

1/ Behind the New Defenders we see Sue Richards with Ben and Reed at the dimensional portal to Earth.
SUE RICHARDS : She DID. It’s beautiful. Something to live for.Something worth
DYING for.Ben has his hand on Sue’s shoulder.
THE THING : Hey cut it OUT Suze.Just cause some FUTURE YOU died to
get em here doesn’t have to mean YOU’RE gonna die.It’s just another one of them crazy alternate parallel situations RIGHT

Reed’s looking at Sue, not the spectacular vista. Very determined.
REED RICHARDS : Absolutely. Never going to happen.
2/ Ben in the background as Psionics and Johnny kiss.
THE THING : Gimme a BREAK Match head. She’s not CRYSTAL.Plus ya
already SAID goodbye at the FUNERAL.If you can call NECKING at your own sister’s GRAVESIDE which let me tell ya hits a new LOW even fer –

PSIONICS : Crystal? Sounds fragile.
JOHNNY STORM : Anything BUT. She’d go ten ROUNDS with YOU.First girl I
LOVED. We were split up by a DIMENSIONAL BARRIER.
PSIONICS : Aw.She break your heart?

3/ Psionics and Johnny part. He flames on.
PSIONICS : You’ll have those NUMBERS when I visit right? I want to check
out that SPIDER guy.
JOHNNY STORM : I’ll give em to your OLD MAN.
LIGHTWAVE : That would be APPRECIATED Johnny.
4/ Close on Sue as they disappear through the dimensional portal back to Earth. Tears in her eyes as she turns back for one last look.Johnny flaming away ahead of her in the background.
SUE RICHARDS : Hope you take care of YOUR planet better than WE did.
5/ The Hooded Man, Lightwave, Psionics, Banner Jr., Natalie X and Alex Ultron stand in front of the dimensional portal as the FF disappear in the energy surge.
BANNER JR. : Count on it.
Reed’s voice tiny and indistinct.
REED RICHARDS : If you need help just holler.
A figure runs towards them.
ALYSSA MOY : WAIT! Stop them! Don’t let them GO!


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