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Freedom Formula Film


Freedom Formula, from Radical Publishing is set to become a film. This is no surprise as it’s a great series. If you haven’t read it as yet, you can catch up on the sci-fi adventure when the Trade’s hopefully released in a few months. Bryan Singer may direct it, which scares me, but hopefully he’ll do a better job than he did with Superman. Press release below.

Set in the future where mechanized battle armor is used for high speed sport, Freedom Formula quickly made headlines across the film and comic industry during the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con International event when Variety reported that Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) was attached to produce, with an eye to potentially direct, a film based on the underlying comic series. Today Variety has announced thatNew Regency has acquired Freedom Formula with a writer attached.

Freedom Formula

Mike Finch, who just sold his spec script, Medieval, to New Regency with McG attached to produce and possibly direct, will pen the adaptation based on Radical Publishing’s 5-issue comic book series, Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland, written by Edmund Shern, CEO of Radical’s Singapore based sister company, Storm Lion.

This is Radical Pictures’ second development deal, following Universal Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment releasing Hercules: The Thracian Wars, based on the 5-issue comic book series by Steve Moore, with Peter Berg producing and potentially directing through his production company Film 44 with Ryan Condal (Ocean) scripting

New Regency, Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions and Radical Pictures will produce Freedom Formula with Bryan Singer and Radical Publishing’s President and Publisher Barry Levine as producers along with Radical Publishing’s Executive Vice President Jesse Berger and Zoom Entertainment’s Michael Zoumas signed on as Executive Producers. Edmund Shern will be an Associate Producer.

When asked to comment, Barry Levine stated “Mike Finch came up with an incredible take that goes deeper into the mythology of the source material.” 

Jesse Berger continues “There is something very contemporary about a revolution and Freedom Formula’s adaptation for the screen will explore those concepts as well.”



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