Hosted by Kris Bather and Mladen Luketin from Western Australia, ES is a weekly podcast filled with news, reviews and pop culture shenanigans. Kris (loyal superhero fan) and Mladen (manga, anime and indie defender) chat about their varying, and occasional overlapping, interests in the wonderful world of sequential art.

ExSeq Ep #45-Green Lantern

57 mins. Don’t know who or what a Green Lantern is? Fear not, we have it covered. Also, superhero love and just how Smurfs manage to reproduce.


1:20 NEWS

Avenging Spider-Man kicks off in November. A new ongoing series.

Two new X-Men titles coming soon.

Russel Crowe is set to play Superman’s Kryptonian father. If that ain’t bad enough, the Man of Steel will no longer be married to Lois Lane.

IDW’s new Star Trek movie series.

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror also coming in September.

Movie studios pulling out of the massive San Diego Comic-Con.

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods’ TV series.


Panel Plays returns! Kissing involved.

We give the lowdown on some of the Green Lanterns over the years, including some whacky ring slingers, and some comics you should grab to know more.

GreenLanternBattlegroundOa    Guy Gardner Ch'p    HalArisiascene
Kyle Rayner WiR    Green Lantern Mogo    greenlanternthesinestrocorpswarvol01    Green Lantern Secret Origin

Read more GL issues here with this handy app and go here for a perty rundown on all the other colours of the Lantern Corps.


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