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Collecting The Spirit

Classic Spirit BustCreated by the late, great Will Eisner in 1940, the Spirit was a breath of fresh air, just like all of Eisner’s work in the medium. When policeman Denny Colt ‘died’ he continued fighting crime as The Spirit in Central City as an urban hero dispensing justice with his wits and fists. In the series, Eisner blended artistic styles and genres in a way that hasn’t been seen since. The Spirit film is out on Christmas Day, and is directed by Frank Miller (creator and co-director of Sin City). Some liberties are taken, such as the character’s suit colour, but the adaptation aims to replicate the strip’s mood, and distinct visual style (which will be similar to Sin City and 300, also created by Miller). Now, Dark Horse is releasing collectibles tying in to the film.

The Spirit Rooftop

The Spirit Bust

Being released on the same day as the film, are 750 copies of the 1:7 full figure statue, depicting The Spirit crouching on a rooftop. Only 750 copies of The Spirit Movie mini-bust will then be released on January 28.  The 128 page journal, with its multiple tiny lights concealed in the cover is available now, as is the snowglobe, with only 500 being produced. The classic Spirit bust is also available now and presents a 3-D version of the rough and tough crime fighter as originally conceived by Eisner.


The Spirit JournalThe Spirit Snowglobe

If you see the film (trailer below) and are curious about The Spirit, then you might want to pick up either The Spirit Special #1 a 32 page collection of four classic stories from Eisner, or The Spirit #24, the latest issue of the new series. Both are from DC Comics and available now.

The Spirit Special #1The Spirit #24