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Hexed #1 Review

Hexed #1 Cover BI’m used to hyperbole spewing forth from comic publishers, and having a limited amount of time means I can’t review everything I’d like to. A lot of the time I just have to take a gamble and hope that not only is the reading experience enjoyable with whatever I choose, but so much so that I’d gladly recommend it to others. Saying all that, I’m very glad I read this issue. It was originally promoted six months ago, and was then meant to launch last month. However no company is immune to late releases. So, here we are with Hexed #1 from BOOM! Studios, being released on January 7.

It starts with the protagonist ruminating on the pros and cons of being beautiful, and ends with her jumping into a portal she’s carved in a corpse’s stomach. In between there’s an interesting story that Buffy fans should take note of, but different enough from the vampire slayer to set itself apart.

Written by Michael Alan Nelson, who also writes Fall of Cthulhu for BOOM!, this first issue of a four issue mini-series is an enticing intro to Lucifer’s world. Lucifer is the nickname of the main character, also known as Luci Jenifer Neves. A young magician/professional thief who has severed her ties with her former boss, she is now working for the older Val, who runs a prestigious art gallery, and their new client, Mr Westinghouse. Luci presents her target to the pleased pair – angel wings hidden in a guitar case. They’re objects of beauty that bring Val to tears, but it’s not long before Luci’s previous employer Dietrich, who has tracked her down after three years of hunting, is now demanding another job.

Hexed #1 Cover ALuci is a well formed character, a curious mix of equal parts Catwoman and Zatanna. Fans of those two DC women would be pleased with Hexed. A more original take than Mercy Sparx from Devil’s Due, Nelson does well to ease the reader into the central idea. Easily accessible for new comic book readers, we know all we need to know about Luci, her mission and supporting cast without any lengthy exposition.

Artist Emma Rios hails from Spain and is a relative newcomer to US comics. Infact, we have something in common. She’s actually an architect and I work with many in my ‘proper’ job. Not that I needed a loose connection like that to enjoy her work though. Like the angel wings, the art in Hexed is pleasant on the eyes. Similar to style in BOOM!’s other recent release, The Remnant, it’s realistic without being too stuffy. Vibrant and playful, with a rough but restrained line work, the pages are aided beautifully by Cris Peter’s varied colour palette. He uses all the colours of the rainbow which helps sell the daring magical core of this series.

All in all, this ish was an enjoyable reading experience with well-crafted characters and a seductive premise. Hexed will be a series to watch, and it was worth the wait.

Hexed #1 P1

Hexed #1 P4


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